Why Study With MVI

Education for a sustainable future since 1986

The Academic Department works with partnering institutions to create customized syllabi and classes by providing academic content and logistical support. In the past, the Academic Department has provided guidance for classes in tropical ecology, biology and field methods, community health, international business, globalization and community, human rights, international politics, law and sustainable development, cultural immersion, environmental education and sustainability, service learning, new media, and water issues.

We provide support for all of Costa Rica and in a wide variety of academic specialties. We make trips to all areas of Costa Rica regularly to ensure quality accommodations and academic tours. Additionally, we are happy to explore new topics and work collaboratively to give students and faculty the best possible study abroad experience. Educational Expertise.

Additionally, we encourage original investigations by provding contacts in the local community and supporting ongoing social and natural science research projects at all academic levels. We are always interested in collaborating on original research in water issues, ecotourism, conservation biology, land-use planning, sustainable development, community health, and Spanish language and culture. We provide academic opportunities to the local community by offering lectures, visitors or local experts, and open-enrollment education classes on a variety of subjects.

The Monteverde Institute:

• Upholds high academic standards,
• is grounded in and dedicated to serving the community,
• is a non-profit Costa Rican-based association,
• has over 30 years of experience,
• maintains positive working relationships with over 60 learning institutions,
• has made a commitment to sustainable practices,
• bases its work in the values of love, peace, service to others, teamwork, honesty, and accountability.



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