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The Monteverde Institute was started with the purpose of being a public service, non-profit association, dedicated to peace, justice, knowledge and the vision of a sustainable future. It provides programs which promote the appreciation of diversity and community, spirituality and the wellness of all living beings. These opportunities are designed for people from other countries and Costa Rica and for the residents of the Monteverde community and the surrounding zone.


Our Mission is to advance sustainable living at the local and global level through place-based education, applied research, and collaborative community programs.


Our vision is to have a sustainable community for a sustainable world.

Study Abroad

Education for a Sustainable Future

Study Abroad education for a sustainable future in Costa Rica.

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Our Mission of Sustainable Living

The Monteverde Institute supports applied research projects and partnerships that advance our mission of sustainable living at the local and global level.

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Center for Community Initiatives

Enhance the capacity of community members and visitors, to be effective actors in the endeavor of "a sustainable community for a sustainable world".

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