Virtual Internships

Virtual Internships in Monteverde

Contribute to the work of the Monteverde Institute and other community projects and research in Monteverde, Costa Rica!
The Monteverde Institute was founded in 1986 to encourage the positive aspects of a growing tourism-based economy and increased international visitation to a small community in a fragile environment. Place-based academic programs, applied research, and community initiatives interact to highlight sustainability lessons learned in the Monteverde experience and create spaces for cross-cultural exchange fostering peace, justice, and collaboration.
The Monteverde Institute offers and facilitates internships for those interested in contributing to our work in the Monteverde community and, in the process, gaining tools to advance sustainability in their own lifestyles, home communities, and academic studies. 
The Monteverde Institute offers virtual internships in the following areas:
  • Environment and Conservation
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Community Health
  • Sustainability and Resilience
  • Communications
  • Arts


Click here to see our 2020-2021 virtual internship catalog.


MVI internships range from 2-12 weeks, requiring 15-20 hours per week of supervisor meetings and independent project work, plus Spanish class time if applicable. The exact schedule of your internship will be determined in conjunction with your supervisor.

If you wish to include Spanish classes, MVI recommends one credit hour for every 15 hours of class. In addition to Spanish classes, we have a list of virtual cultural activities to promote a stronger sense of connection to Monteverde. 
For more information, visit our website (https://monteverde-institute.org/internship-opportunities.html), or write to Lilliam at lzuniga@mvinstitute.org.
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