Summer Camp for Local Students

Campamento las Hormiguitas Instituto Monteverde (For more pictures, please visit us on Facebook!)

For a full article of our 2013 camp click here.

VISION: Create a safe, educational and fun space for local youth.
MISSION: Develop healthy and educational links between Monteverde’s youth and its community members.

Essential tools for the journey: Respect, Care and Support. Key ingredient: FUN.

The Community Outreach Program led by Evelyn Rockwell Solano from the Monteverde Institutewho leads a 2-week camp for 7 nearby communities. Over 30 local adolescents ages 12-15, 10 leaders ages 16-20 and 34 adult volunteers joined hands to create a fun, educational space. Each day, participants embarked on a journey into different themes specifically geared to the appropriate age levels:

Service learning Art & Creativity Sexual & Reproductive Health Farm Work Nature walks Self reflection Substance abuse Sports

What we didn't expect:

Mentor’s remark: “Wow, this is a rich & fascinating group of mentors put together! ...I didn’t know you (friend) were going to be involved!”
Leader’s request: “I want to participate in other MVI work”Kid’s suggestions: “Keep the leaders, they’re a must!... add camping nights”
Parents rejoice: “This is wonderful. Our kids need a space to share, develop skills and enjoy in a safe and healthy way ...it’s a great idea to motivate our youth to work for our community”

Voicing their connection in Spanish:

“hay compas los hecho de menos!!!!!!!!!!” “hay que reunirnos todo el grupo algun fin y hacer algo divertido:)”


Kids said, “repeat it! ...hold several per year!” Parents echoed, “my kid arrived extremely happy, satisfied and exhausted. For this to happen, it’s something!”
A leader, Daniel Leitón, showed his skills and love for the group by creating a Facebook group to continue ties between participants.

Want to support our camp?! Join in!!

In 2015, MVI seeks to build upon this incredible experience essential for healthy youth– they are our future! There are many ways you can support our work.
Needs include:
Transportation Meals Requisite safety insurance. Volunteers!

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