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Education for a Sustainable Future

Founded in 1986 in Monteverde, Costa Rica, Monteverde Institute from its inception has facilitated place-based, experiential learning in education abroad, grounded in the environmental, social, economic, and cultural realities of the Monteverde communities.

We are a Costa Rican non-profit, dedicated to serving our community through student projects and applied research that benefits local practices.

The MVI staff is a dedicated group of professionals who come from many parts of the country and other countries countries and walks of life. But, all of them share a passionate commitment to the vision and mission of the Institute, the environment, the importance of sustainable practices, and to the community.

Why Study With MVI

Education for a sustainable future since 1986

Grounded in high academic standards, the values of the Monteverde Institute are love, peace, service to others, teamwork, homestay, and accountability.

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Partner and Create a Course

Study abroad experience at Monteverde

We invite faculty to partner with us. Monteverde Institute is currently able to add two more semester courses: fall and summer.

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Course Samples

Monteverde Institute

Currently, the Monteverde Institute has space to host more semester or quarter courses.

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Internship Opportunities

Courses - Spanish - Homestay - Internships

The Monteverde Institute in Costa Rica offers its students the possibility of taking Spanish classes, doing Homestay and/or join an Internship.

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Spanish Classes

Our unique approach to learning Spanish

New experiences with Spanish language and homestay families remain of value throughout the lives of our study abroad students.

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Homestay Program

We work with more than 120 local families

Study Abroad students build lasting relationships with homestay families.

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Facilities at MVI

Monteverde Institute

Our campus is located in the center of the Monteverde community, adjacent to the historic Cheese Factory and surrounded by hundreds of acres of protected forest.

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Student Handbook

What I Need to Know

Find our student handbook here.

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Emergency and Legal Protocols

List of Emergency Protocols for Course Professors and Coordinators

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