Student & Intern Project Examples

Academic courses and internships at the Monteverde Insitute provide opportunities for national and international university students to gain practical experience in complex issues concerning sustainable community development and environmental conservation.  Internships are available “as necessary” and may include directed work for a local client organization, advanced thesis work or special projects for Monteverde Institute departments.  Applicants are encouraged to apply and/or submit project proposals and must comply with all requirements of the affiliation program.

Ashley Gora, Lake Oswego, OR, USA, has participated in several internships since 2012, including translating material related to Traveler's Philanthropy, conducting data analysis for ASADA Monteverde to create a digital database of water consumption and supply, assisting as a camp leader for Campamento Las Hormiguitas, and creating a base for a formal communications program and carrying out a baseline survey about sustainability of touristic businesses for the Monteverde Community Fund.  Currently, due to her experience with the internship program, she is working on the improvement and coordination of the internship program. Check out her blog: www.catharsiscr.tumblr.com

Krystal House, Antioch University (Lake Almanor, California, USA)

Project title: “Describing the climatic niches of epiphyte species along an elevational gradient”, where she teamed up with research affiliate Emily Hollenbeck and two other assistants in order to investigate how certain species of epiphytes in the Monteverde zone may act as bioindicators of climate change.
Dates: May 21 – July 24, 2015

Antonio Avila, Lake Forest College (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Project title: “Community radio: Outreach and development”, where he created media for a Kickstarter campaign that has raised funds for the Monteverde Community Radio’s youth-made radio project, in addition to creating various video and radio resources about the Monteverde Institute’s community initiatives, like the children’s summer camp Campamento Las Hormiguitas.
Dates: April 20 – May 13, 2015

Lillian Eden, Goucher College (Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA)

Project title: “Density and spatial distribution of tropical tree genera Ocotea and Cinnamomum in secondary growth pine and cypress forests”, where she continued intern Luis Carlos Beltrán’s work about spatial density of Lauraceae trees in primary and secondary forest in order to help collect baseline data that may be used in future studies related to niches, climate change, and reforestation.
Dates: April 20 – May 13, 2015

Shelby Bates, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Aurora, Colorado, USA)

Project title: “Greywater treatment systems, water conservation, and community outreach”, where she investigated and created interpretive materials for the MVI’s biogarden system, developed educational materials about greywater for community use, and gave informative lectures about greywater consumption to various students and community groups.
Dates: September 26 – December 5, 2014


Victoria Egedus, Chicago, Illinois, USA  BA-Lake Forest College
Community Health Program Assistant. In a year long internship, she helped with food security and physical activity projects.  This included evaluating the project Monteverde in Motion, which aims to improve the health of community members through increased physical activity.  She also aided in a comparative gardens study to bring sustainable gardening practices to Monteverde families, and distributed vegetables from the Institute's gardens to families in need. 

Samantha Copeland, helped us create maps that demonstrate the building growth Monteverde has had in three different areas. She did this by counting the buildings one by one. For more information on how she did this you can write to us or we will be uploading a fuller version shortly on our blog. Thanks to her work we also have an updated map of these areas. In conclusion she found out that Los Llanos has 248 new buildings, Santa Elena 186 and Cerro Plano 46.

Francesca Vitagliano, University College Utrecht (Utrecht, the Netherlands)
Project title:“Water Management in Monteverde, Costa Rica: Understanding the legal framework behind water management in Monteverde and analyzing the roles of the different actors involved in protecting human and environmental health standards.”

Matthew Cohen-Price, Goucher College (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
Project title:  “Protecting Water Resources in the Monteverde Zone: Using GPS and GIS Mapping to promote and prioritize reforestation”

Stuart Gleason, Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)

BS- Utah State
Project title: Diagnosis and restoration of MVI constructed reedbed greywater treatment system

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