Community Sidewalks


The development of the Monteverde area has resulted in rapid urban growth. This growth, though, has occurred with regard for planning appropriate residential or commercial areas.

Moreover, roads have been expanded and transit diversified, while always maintaining a predominance of pedestrians. This increase in total road usage has forced pedestrians and vehicles to share narrow roads with no sidewalks or spaces allocated for pedestrians. Indeed, a major aggravating factor has been the paving of the road in several sectors of the community, which has dramatically increased average vehicular speeds and has increased risk to pedestrians.

For this reason, the Sustainable Futures Program at the Monteverde Institute, in conjunction with the City Council and the Federal College of Engineers and Architects, has been developing plans for a 1.6 km section in one of the more heavily traveled sectors. These plans are slated to be ready by June 2010, and we hope to begin construction in the last quarter of 2010.

Additionally, the project will involve neighborhood children and local artisans on complementary beautification projects at the bus stops and on trash cans.


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