Short Courses

Monteverde Institute

Course topics include biology, ecology, sustainability, community health, liberal arts, and social justice. If you have a course you would like to offer, click here to learn how to partner with Monteverde Institute.

List of Short Courses

Below is a list of some of the short courses we offer: 

EAP Fall University of California Tropical Biology
Winterline Global Skills Program Uso de espacios y homestay
University of Missouri Covering Nature and Society in the Developing World
University at Buffalo Service learning in Sustainable development
Western Colorado State University "Building bridges and creating: finding environmental solutions"
University of Missouri Nursing Program
IFSA - Butler.org Uso de espacios
Nueva Scchool  A Tropical Ecology and Sustainable Development in Costa Rica
Nueva School B Tropical Ecology and Sustainable Development in Costa Rica
UIL SESE Current Issues in Natural Resource Conservation
EAP Spring University of California Tropical Biology
Skidmore College "Tropical Field Ecology in Costa Rica"
Breakwater School Natural and Cultural history of Costa Rica
University of Tampa A community Health Field Course in CR
UNL ed Sue Understanding Latin American Culture and Environment for Special Education
University of Utah Tropical field Biology
Futuros Sostenibles Sustainable Futures
USF health Community Health and Field Course
Lake Forest Internship and Culture Immersion in CR
Oregon State University Current Issues in Natural
Ironwood tree Experience "Natural and Cultural history of Costa Rica"
Loyola Marymount University “Tropical Science, Conservation, & SD in Costa Rica”
Conservet “Institute for Global Health and Health Policy”
Bank Street College “The Delicate Connection of People and the Rainforest”
University of Cincinnati Economía y política
University of Tampa "Water policy and ecology in Costa Rica"

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