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Selected Web Links

The following list of web sites represents a selection of resources that may be useful to support the research needs of users of the Monteverde Institute Library.

Costa Rica /International /Reference Resources


Costa Rica

BINASSS, Biblioteca de Salud, Medicina, Salud

Costa Rican Long Term Ecological Research

Historia Natural de Costa Rica, el libro

Languages of Costa Rica

Organization for Tropical Studies

SINABI Sistema Nacional de Bibliotecas

UNESCO Institute for Statistics --Education in Costa Rica

World Bank: Costa Rica Data and Statistics



Inter-American Development Bank

Latin American Network Information Center (lanic)

National Geographic Center for Sustainable Tourism Destinations

Social Indicators of Development

The World Conservation Union

United Nations Development Programme: Human Development Report (includes statistics)

World Resources Institute

World Resources Data Tables


Reference Resources

Encyclopedia - 6th Edition

InfoPlease Almanac

Spanish English Dictionary (Span¡shD!ct)


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