Reforestation Program

While Costa Rica has an exemplary conservation record, the Pacific slope was greatly deforested and is still in need of restoration.  Our reforestation program with the Costa Rican Conservation Foundation, has proven to be an effective strategy for habitat restoration, increased biological connectivity, water conservation, and increasing the participation of communities and biodiversity in the Monteverde zone and the Bellbird Biological Corridor.  To date, we have planted and distributed over 250,000 trees of over 140 different tropical species, all of which are native to their specific zones. The demand of trees is increasing as we expand our work to lower elevations and the borders of the Gulf of Nicoya.  Our corresponding scientific research is documenting the success of this program by assessing seedling survival, growth, resilience to low maintenance regimes, and species that can tolerate drier conditions and sloped landscapes.  We welcome support of all types to help restore habitat, protect water supplies, and sequester carbon dioxide.

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You can also read our blog at: http://monteverde-institute-blog.org/environmental/reforestation-program-at-the-mvi

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