Our Spanish Courses

A holistic approach to language acquisition

Our goal is for learners to be able to rapidly use Spanish in different social contexts. For this, we use a method aimed at integrating linguistic skills called the Communicative Approach to Language Acquisition.  We focus on the modern, communicative and participatory approaches to learning, while not forgetting about the formal, grammatical and structural contents. Our classrooms are student-centered. The four skills (comprehension, speaking, reading and writing) are all utilized in different in-class and out-of-class exercises and projects.

We use a holistic approach to Spanish language learning and believe in the unlimited potential of each learner.

We aim to teach students not only to speak a new language, but also to be happier, more responsible, and more cooperative. We use innovative techniques to shape our students into not only new speakers of the beautiful Spanish language, but also better citizens.

“From the very beginning, students learn to think and express themselves in Spanish. They progress very rapidly since they are in constant, daily contact with the language.”


Spanish learning activities and exercises

We use practical activities and exercises that focus on developing oral and written skills based on real situations. Students learn to communicate in meaningful ways about meaningful topics.  The students actively participate in:

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