Monteverde-Arenal Initiative

The Monteverde Institute has co-organized and hosted a series of important conferences for the Monteverde- Arenal Bioregion:

In the last three decades, the regions of Monteverde and Arenal, Costa Rica have emerged as premier sites for research, conservation, and education.  However, this is a critical time for conservation in and around the Monteverde-Arenal bioregion due to both the rapidly changing climate and increasing human activities.

 In order to expand the impact and scope of collective actions to sufficiently address the developing problems and threats that this region faces, the fisrt 4-day conference was held in Monteverde on February 14-17, 2014 to define a common vision, key objectives, and a tractable action plan for conservation, research, and education initiatives in the Monteverde bioregion. This meeting was inter-organizational, and interdisciplinary, reflecting the diversity of the human and natural communities.

Elements that contribute to the success of community-based conservation are the arts, culture, and supportive community interactions. These have a strong place in understanding and expressing the value of habitats and contributing to a sense of place and stewardship.

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