Spanish Classes

Our unique approach to learning Spanish

We offer a stimulating and comfortable environment for learning. We encourage our students to converse and interact within the class setting, during their free time and with members of the local community, in this way, practicing the language in a more natural manner. Our style of teaching and learning, which we define as social and emotional, allows students to master the language more quickly and effortlessly. In our commitment to pedagogical excellence, we continually train teachers in new methodological practices and in current scholarship. For MVI, the professional formation of our Spanish teachers is an important responsibility and is embodied in annual training.


Our mission 

We work for the integral formation of students, professionals and the general community in the field of Spanish language and cultures, with the goal of training citizens to actively participate in creating mutual understanding and harmony between cultures.



Our Spanish Courses

A holistic approach to language acquisition

From the very beginning, study abroad students learn to think and express themselves in Spanish. They progress very rapidly since they are in constant, daily contact with the language.

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Cultural Focus

Cultural awareness and understanding

Our study abroad students become new speakers of the beautiful Spanish language and also, better citizens.

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What's Included in Spanish Courses

Spanish Language Courses Include

Monteverde Institute offers tailor-made Spanish language classes for study abroad students enrolled in our other courses and individualized programs for private individuals.

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Price List - Spanish Language & Culture

Classes are 4 hours per day, Monday through Friday. Study abroad students.

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