Information for Researchers

Affiliation with the Monteverde Institute helps to advance our mission:

“To advance sustainable living at the local and global level through place-based education, applied research, and collaborative community programs.”

 Researchers affiliated with the Monteverde Institute are provided with services that include research permit processing, lab space and equipment use, storage, computer and internet use, copier/scanner use, library access, and logistical guidance/recommendations such as in the case of transportation, homestay, housing, documentation for shipping equipment internationally, etc.

For more information about how you can become affiliated with the Monteverde Institute and annual costs of affiliation, please visit the following link: General information about affiliation

How to apply: Apply by completing the following 4-6 months before the intended start date of your research and sending it to interns@mvinstitute.org:

1. Copy of international/traveler’s health insurance

2. Copy of passport (valid for a minimum of six months after date of arrival to Costa Rica)

3. Two passport size photos

4. Curriculum vitae / resume

5. Application form

6. Two letters of recommendation

7. Project proposal summary (not to exceed five pages) that includes: theoretical framework, justification, objectives, methodology, status of research review process (e.g., IRB), a local dissemination plan, timeline, budget, funding resources, and bibliography

8. Letter of intent, which specifies why you are undertaking this research project, why you wish to affiliate with the Monteverde Institute, your experience living abroad, and your experience with Spanish.

9. Non-refundable application fee: $50

Please make checks payable to “Asociación Instituto Monteverde” and mail to:

Instituto Monteverde Affiliation Program
Apartado 69-5655, Monteverde
Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Note: Applications will not be considered until the application fee is received.  Please allow two weeks for checks to arrive.  Decisions will be granted within five weeks of receiving completed application information.  Upon acceptance as an affiliate of the Monteverde Institute, you will be invoiced for the full affiliation fee. 

Research Permits

Researchers might be required to apply for various permits and obtain different permissions in order to conduct their work in Monteverde. This is an essential requirement for researchers that will work with human subjects or collect biological specimens.  Once your research affiliate application has been accepted, the Monteverde Institute can assist you with your permit processes.

If you are working with human subjects, you need to have initiated the IRB approval process and completed CITI Program’s Responsible Conduct of Research series through your university/institution before arriving to Monteverde.

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