Green Ways Project


Among the main effects of development in Monteverde has been a change in the land use and in the major economic activities. Monteverde has gone from being an area of dairy-based agriculture to one focused primarily around tourism. This transformation from rural to urban has dramatically increased the vehicular pressure on the infrastructure and has meant less space for pedestrians.

The Green Ways Project is an initiative of the Sustainable Futures Program which seeks to recover passageways for pedestrians, while simultaneously maintaining the rural spirit of these places by using trails built with local materials, and in cooperation with the community and local and international students.

This project, started in 2009, has already rebuilt more than 400mts of trails in the West sector of the district and is now being implemented in other areas in order to increase access. Recently, the project successfully forged an agreement with the local government to join forces. The new collaborative work plan expects to extend Greenways throughout the zone.


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