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The Academic Department of the Monteverde Institute offers support services of varying degrees to educational institutions. We work with each educational institution personally to execute their vision for each course. Our services range from complete responsibility of logistics to simply providing classroom space or community liaisons. Our pre-trip services include orientation information, itinerary creation, and syllabus collaboration. We can also provide homestay opportunities in a range of communities, and provide continuing student support during their time in Costa Rica. Our trip services include airport pick up and drop off, a coordinator to guide the trip and take care of logistical details, professor housing and student homestays.

We provide support for all of Costa Rica and in a wide variety of academic specialties. We make trips to all areas of Costa Rica regularly to ensure quality accommodations and academic tours. Additionally, we are happy to explore new topics and work collaboratively to give students and faculty the best possible study abroad experience. Educational Expertise.

Amongst our staff, we have people with advanced academic training in the natural sciences, the social sciences and the humanities. We teach courses in Tropical Ecology, Biology, Spanish, Sustainable Architecture and Design and collaboratively teach numerous other courses.

Conference Support

We have coordinated many conferences at the Monteverde Institute and are happy to custom design one for specific needs. We can provide logistical services including transport, accommodations and meals for small conferences or workshops. 


Bill Allen, Professor of Journalism at the University of Missouri and author of the book, "Green Phoenix" had this to say after bringing a group of journalism students to Costa Rica and using Monteverde Institute to host the trip.

There were many great aspects about collaborating with MVI on our program.  One was the collegial sensitivity to my educational goals for the students and to my preferences for exposing them to certain experiences.  Another was the expert guidance on setting up an itinerary.  A third was the highly professional organization and execution of the trip.  Another was our course coordinator, who was with us throughout.  She shared her “local knowledge,” language skills and fun-loving spirit with our group at the right times and in the right ways.  But perhaps the most surprising and wonderful aspect was my own interaction with the course coordinator, a longtime educator, as we shared our perspectives on the philosophy, strategy and tactics of teaching.  I learned a ton.

At the Monteverde Institute we invite faculty to partner with us.

Please contact our International Programs Facilitator, Fern Perkins, (mvi@mvinstitute.org), for more information.

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