Facilities at MVI

Monteverde Institute


32 Acre Campus

The Monteverde Institute’s 32 acre campus is located in the heart of the Monteverde community, adjacent to the historic Monteverde Cheese Factory.  The campus backs up to hundreds of acres of lush, protected cloud forest.  The foot print for classrooms and administrative office is intentionaly kept small and the buildings themselves incorporate the best building practices for sustainability in our tropical climate including treatment of grey water and rain water, use of biodegradable products in our kitchens and restrooms, use of high efficacy and available lighting, composting and recycling.

Outdoor Classroom

The newest addition to our campus, the Outdoor Classroom. A truly collaborative effort between local builders, the Sustainable Futures Program, the Goucher-Mount Holyoke Program and others, along with staff and volunteers has meant a unique and beautiful classroom space. It has been designed to be multi-functional and can transform from an traditional academic space to a yoga/meditation studio, an outdoor lab, or a simple, peaceful refuge from the rain. The construction has showcased artisanal building techniques combined with alternative materials, including non-native woods harvested from MVI land and recycled glass bottles from the community. We invite everyone to come and see it!.


MVI has a variety of classrooms available. These include:

  • One  large classroom with capacity for 30 people
  • The “Fox Maple Building” with room for 20 people (first floor and loft); which can be divided for smaller classrooms or left open for use as studio space.
  • Two 10-person classrooms
  • Three small classrooms for groups of six
  • Outdoor tables and seating areas for group work and relaxation.


With capacity for 100 people, the auditorium is available as classroom space, a meeting hall, and for public presentations.  The community enjoys films, music, theater, and culture events in the auditiorium.

John & Doris Campbell Library

The John and Doris Campbell Library was created with the generous support of John and Doris Campbell, who were among the original Quakers to settle in Monteverde.  With continued support from the Campbell family and other donors and supporters, the Campbell Library supports local and international scholarship and research and serves as a physical and digital clearinghouse for information and research on Monteverde and the cloud forest.

The library features an expanding digital information center consisting of a comprehensive list of research studies conducted in the Monteverde Zone.  The library includes space for 24 persons and is open Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm. or longer hours by special arrangement to accommodate the needs of courses.

Computer Lab, Wireless Internet & Audio-visual Equipment

Wireless access is available throughout the main campus. Housed in the Campbell Library, the computer lab includes over a dozen computers for public and student use, all equipped with frequently used and specialized software packages.  Additionally, the computer lab offers access to scanners, printers, a plotter for map printing and other large graphics, as well as a photocopier, fax machine, projectors, and other equipment.



The Monteverde Institute remodeled and re-equipped its laboratory in 2015 to provide quality services to our courses and students.  The lab has an incubator, freezer, drying racks, micro/stereoscopes, scales, and other standard lab equipment.  Courses are encouraged to check with the lab coordinator regarding equipment availability before arrival.

Our lab also boasts a state of the art weather station where data is downloaded on a daily basis and provided to courses and researchers upon request (biblioteca@mvinstite.org).

Rachel & Dwight Crandell Memorial Reserve

During their lifetimes, Rachel & Dwight Crandell were much loved conservationists and supporters of the Monteverde Institute and the Monteverde Zone in general.  Following his passing in 2008 and her passing in 2010, the Monteverde Institute, in partnership with the Costa Rican Conservation Foundation (FCC), has turned what was once land owned by the Institute into a conservation land trust administered by the FCC. This 32-acre area is formally known as the Rachel & Dwight Crandell Memorial Reserve and is home to a network of hiking trails through primary and secondary cloud forest.  The property is bordered by Bosque Eternal. Click here to donate and help support land and trail maintenance, reforestation efforts, and general oversight for this reserve.

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