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In addition to working with local faculty and experts to provide academic course content, the Monteverde Institute strives to engage the broader Monteverde community through applied research and sustainable development projects which address issues identified by local conservation organizations, government institutions, and community action groups. Our goal is to enhance the capacity of community members, and visitors alike, to be effective actors in the endeavor of "a sustainable community for a sustainable world".

In order to provide continuity between academic learning, applied research and local action, the Monteverde Institute supports year-round programs rooted in our thematic foci, which include:

Read further to find more information about our programs, the projects and long-term initiatives in which we collaborate, and also ways you can become involved.


Our Programs

Currently, the Monteverde Institute maintains year-round programs related to community health, cultural exchange and public communications, land use and urban planning, and water resources management. Click here to learn more about each program and the services they offer.


Community Collaboration

British author Charles Leadbeater once said, “Many of our biggest social challenges will only be met if we promote self-organizing solutions.” This philosophy is reflected in much of Monteverde's history and is still a central driving force in today’s conservation and community development initiatives. Click here to find more information on multi-institutional efforts in which the Monteverde Institute actively participates.


Recent Student & Intern Projects

Academic courses and internships at the Monteverde Insitute provide opportunities for national and international university students to gain practical experience in complex issues concerning sustainable community development and environmental conservation. Click here to see examples of recent projects completed by visiting students.


Research & Involvement Opportunities

The Monteverde Institute offers several opportunities for individuals who would like to collaborate independently or in small groups. These opportunities fall into the following categories: interns, junior/senior research affiliates, faculty-in-residence, and volunteers. Click here for details on how you can get involved.

Our Commitment to the Community

Our goal is be relevant both locally & globally, addressing issues that help advance local decision-making.

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Our Programs

A list of our Study Abroad in Monteverde Costa Rica Programs, based mostly in semester programs.

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Community Resources

Local researchers appreciate our excellent community relationships and tell us these relationships open doors and enlist community support for the research activity.

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