Three-wattled Bellbird Biological Corridor Council

The Three-wattled Bellbird (Pájaro Campana) Biological Corridor is a multi-institutional initiative which seeks to connect critical Pacific-slope habitat between the Monteverde Reserve Complex along the continental divide (~1800m) and coastal mangroves on the Gulf of Nicoya (sea level), thus enhancing important altitudinal migratory routes for several species of concern. Click here to visit the Corridor's official website (Spanish only).

The Corridor encompasses an area of 66,416 hectares (164,048 acres) and follows three parallel watersheds: Río Aranjuez, Río Guacimal and Río Lagartos. To date, the initiative has been led by seven local conservation organizations (see list below) and is officially recognized by the National Biological Corridor Program.

Currently, partners of the CBPC Council are implementing a 24-month project funded by the GEF-Small Grants Program to:

  1. Analyze current land use trends using Geographic Information Systems; 
  2. Support project proposal development with new collaborators outside the Monteverde area; 
  3. Begin baseline monitoring efforts of water quality and avian populations; and 
  4. Identify existing institutional resources and activities throughout the area of influence.

Current Members of Local Corridor Council

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