Arenal - Monteverde Management Plan

Monteverde-Arenal General Management Plan

The Monteverde Institute in coordination with the SINAC (National System for Conservation Areas) and the Association Costa Rica por Siempre, are working on the elaboration of the General Management Plan for the Monteverde-Arenal Protective Zone. Management plans are technical instruments meant to direct research, use and management of the different goods and services, during a mid and long term process that a protected area provides, this with the purpose of fulfilling with the conservation objectives that were established for protected (Bermúdez, 2007).

The Protective Zone of Arenal -Monteverde (it’s Spanish acronym being the ZPAM) covers about 28.314 hectares, making it the biggest protective area in the country. Forest cover is 26.900 ha (95%), basically turning the ZPAM into an enormous forested block that functions as a lung, protecting important ecosystems that have a very high amount of biodiversity, but that are also immensely fragile. 

In order to advance in a participative and highly social constructive way for the elaboration of the Management Plan, the Monteverde Institute has done several activities with relevant stakeholders in the ZPAM, this way during the 23rd and 24th of February a workshop was offered for the Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Management of the Arenal – Monteverde Protective Zone, the main purpose being the presentation of the Tool for the Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Management for Protected Wilderness Areas in Costa Rica (ACAT-SINAC). Some of the people present were staff members belonging to the Arenal- Tempisque Conservation Area (ACAT-SINAC), the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, Bosqueterno S. A., and the Childrens Eternal Rainforest.

Another important participative consultation made during the Management Plan process was during the Monteverde- Arenal Bioregion Conference (MABI), which took place between the 10th and 13th of April, in San Isidro de Peñas Blancas. During this conference the team shared the history, objectives and relevance of working on a management plan, and then proceeded to conduct a participative consult on focal management elements, ecosytematic services and threats related to the protective zone.

Also, they have been several coordination encounters amongst the follow-up committee, which includes members from the SINAC, the Association Costa Rica por Siempre and the Monteverde Institute. There are more plans to visit community meetings in the areas of Cedral, Monteverde, La Tigra and el Castillo. We hope that together we can create a more sustainable future for our region.

For more information on this initiative please contact one of our team members:

Francisco Burgos (Coordinator), Randy Chinchilla, Carlos Guindon and Debra Hamilton.

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