Adopt-A-Stream Program


The Monteverde Adopt-A-Stream Program is a community-based program which seeks to monitor the long-term health of local streams and involve students in a “hands-on” learning experience that contributes to the understanding and protection of community water resources. 

Each month, participants from three local high schools collect physical, chemical and biological data from headwater streams of the Río Guacimal watershed: the Quebradas Cuecha, Sucia and Rodríguez. Occasional sampling also is conducted on other area streams such as the Río San Luis and the Quebradas Alondra and Máquina among others. Following each annual monitoring cycle, students work in groups to analyze data, make temporal and spatial comparisons, and present their results in a public forum. The Integrated Water Resources Program. produces an annual technical report which includes findings from the each monitoring season.

Academic programs that visit the Monteverde Institute are also welcome to take part in stream monitoring activities in order to experience our local reality as well as learn how they can lead similar programs within their own community. Contact IWRP Assistent, Bethany Elmore, to learn more.

Local Partner Institutions

Colegio Técnico Profesional de Santa Elena (CTPSE). The CTPSE is the only public high school of the Monteverde region. Their monitoring sites are located in one of the most urbanized catchments of the region, along Quebrada Rodríguez near downtown Santa Elena. This stream flows through residential and commercial areas that exhibit significant development along the stream edge as well as a high concentration of impervious surfaces.

Creative Learning Center (CEC). The CEC is a private bi-lingual high school that places an emphasis on environmental studies within their overall curriculum. This team collects data from the Quebrada Sucia, upstream of the major residential areas.

Monteverde Friends School (MFS). The MFS is a private bi-lingual high school established by the well-known Quaker community of Monteverde. Students from this group monitor water quality at a downstream site along the Quebrada Cuecha. This stream flows from the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and is influenced by agricultural and commercial activities along the outskirts of forest reserves.

*Special gratitude is owed to our long-time supporters at Bosqueterno, S.A who are committed to the conservation of freshwater resources in Monteverde.

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