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Integrated Water Resources Program

Our small region is a world-famous eco-tourism destination that faces complex challenges in maintaining a sustainable balance between economic growth and the protection of natural resources such as water. As finite water resources are vital for human and ecosystem health as well as a stable regional economy, it is necessary to adopt a more modern, holistic way of managing them.


To this end, the Integrated Water Resources Program (IWRP) incorporates MVI’s three key areas –education, applied research, community engagement– into a dynamic program that advances scientific knowledge and sustainable management of water resources. Building on the Institute’s more than 20 years of experience working with local communities, the program seeks to link historically strong foci such as ecotourism, public health and land use planning with this increasingly related issue.


To learn more about any of the following IWRP initiatives, please contact program coordinator, Andrea Albertín.

  • Adopt-A-Stream Program, a local stream monitoring program to create a long-term database on stream health and promote environmental awareness among young people and the community.
  • IWRP Research & Internships, provide opportunities for national and international university students to gain practical experience in complex issues concerning water resource protection and management.  Internships are available “as necessary” and may include directed work for a local client organization, advanced thesis work or special projects for the IWRP. 
  • Courses, academic modules specifically focused on field methods and management concepts of water resources.
  • Local Digital Collections, an initiative to increase the accessibility and usability of information related to water resources of the Monteverde region.


Contact Information


Francisco Burgos                             
Director for the Center of Community Iniciatives               

tel. 506-2645-5053 ext. 119