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More than 20 Years of Sustainable Futures in Monteverde

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Sustainable Futures for Architecture, Landscape Architecture & Planners

Sustainable Futures has been part of the Monteverde Institute for more than 20 years. This unique, 10 week, 13 credit hour "service-learning" studio experience is open to undergraduate and graduate level students worldwide studying Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Community Planning. 


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Sponsored by a Consortium of Universities including SUNY Buffalo, SUNY-ESF, the University of Maryland, the University of Illinois and Ball State University, students participating in the Sustainable Futures Course will learn about sustainable design, incorporating sustainable approaches and technologies in a variety of projects based in the Monteverde community. 

Past projects include scenario planning for the Municipality of Monteverde, as well as, a variety of architecture and site planning projects for schools, community groups, and local NGO's all based within the cloud forest ecosystem.  


Contact Aníbal Torres Leiton’ Course coordinator ( for additional information on this year's course, including program fees and registration.