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Sustainable Futures Program

The Sustainable Futures Program aims to expand and implement specific projects produced by the Sustainable Futures course. For this reason the current initiatives focus on urban planning, landscape design and sustainability. 


To learn more about any of the following IWRP initiatives, please contact program coordinator, Aníbal Torres.


  • Green Ways, an initiative to improve pedestrian access while avoiding a sense of over-urbanization by constructing trails along the Monteverde district’s dirt roads.
  • Inter-Institutional GIS database, a pilot project performed in collaboration with various local organizations in order to create a detailed and reliable GIS information database.  
  • Community Sidewalks, this project focuses on the design and construction of sidewalks for 1.6 km in one of Monteverde’s most frequently travelled and most dangerous roads. The project brings together the local municipality, neighbors and national organizations in a truly collaborative undertaking.
  • Research and Internships, this program opens the door each year for international students to participate as nationals in specific projects which contribute to the education of interns and program development.

Contact Information


Aníbal Torres                               
Program Coordinator

tel. 506-645-5053 ext. 115