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Professor, Jim Weil Ph.D

Jim Weil works with students to explore opportunities for fieldwork and other research projects involving the development of the surrounding multi-cultural community at the Monteverde Institute. He currently serves as an instructor for the courses offered at MVI.


Jim is is a social anthropologist whose research focuses on changing livelihoods in response to the growth of tourism. His ongoing ethnographic study of the ceramic artisan industry of San Vicente de Nicoya in Guanacaste Province began in 1993. He helped plan and develop the ecomuseum which opened in that community in 2007.


Jim has a B.A. in Social Science from the University of California, Berkeley, and studied a year at Goettingen University in Germany under the UC Education Abroad Program. He served in a rural health development program with the Peace Corps in Thailand, and earned a M.P.H. in International Health at the University of Hawaii. His Ph.D. in anthropology, based on research among Quechua coca cultivators in the Bolivian Amazon region, is from Columbia University. In 2006 he was a Fulbright professor in the anthropology department at the University of Costa Rica.