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Homestay placement, educational workshops and cultural orientations are the focus of the Community Outreach Program. We work with local households and students from various backgrounds.

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Community Outreach Program

The Community Outreach Program's goal is to create an environment in which both students and families can learn from each other in a warm and safe space. In order to achieve that goal, we work carefully to place students in the best possible homestay. We currently work with about 170 Homestay families from 7 different communities: San Luis, Monteverde, Cerro Plano, Santa Elena, Los Llanos, Cañitas & La Cruz. Furthermore, we enhance the homestay support for the entire stay by providing orientations and team-building activities, culture-shock training on both ends and discussion forums about cultural differences.


Additionally, workshops are part of the Outreach Program. These include, but are not limited to the following themes: Intercultural Differences, Christmas decorations, cloth doll making, quilting, scarf making, cooking, understanding young adults, family budget management, and sexual education. 


Every year the Community Outreach program offers teenage students the opportunity to participate in an educational summer camp:

Campa las Hormiguitas. 


Another important task of Community Outreach has been forming part of APAPNEM, a small non-profit that works with seniors and disabled individuals. 

Please visit the following links for further information regarding the Community Outreach Program.

  • Brief History since 1986 MVI has intensively undertaken outreach through programs like Community Health, Family Life, Planning.
  • Homestay Program is one of the most effective vehicles for implementation of the institute’s objectives.
  • Educational Workshops have become the one of the best ways to target community areas of interest as part of the Monteverde Institute’s mission.
  • English classes for adults and children were offered for several years at a locally affordable price to make English comprehension accessible to the community.
  • Cultural Orientations are aimed to help students understand, explore and appreciate cultural differences.
  • Additional Community Support also occurs on a individual basis to encourage small community groups and initiatives.
  • Internship and volunteer opportunities are annually available in different areas of interest.

Contact Information

Claudia Rocha                                                        
Program Coordinator

tel. 506-645-5053 ext. 120