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The Bosqueterno land straddles the Continental Divide in the Tilarán Mountains (Cordillera de Tilarán) of Costa Rica.

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The Bosqueterno Vision:

“Bosqueterno S.A. was founded to protect in perpetuity an important watershed for the upper Monteverde community. Bosqueterno S.A. will work to ensure that this watershed continues to provide water for both Monteverde residents and the plants and animals that make up the threatened ecosystems protected on Bosqueterno land. The organization will undertake activities such as hiring staff, supporting legal actions, purchasing key tracts of land, funding research, managing lands, and supporting local schools to achieve this goal. To the extent feasible, all activities will be carried out in coordination with other like-minded Monteverde institutions. To prioritize activities, the Board of Directors will annually assess the threats to its goal and allocate resources accordingly to ameliorate these threats.” Please visit their website here.